Dharma Sculpture sells Buddha Statues and Buddhist Art from Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand and Indonesia
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Dharma Sculpture specializes in selling only the finest Buddhist art; ranging from Tibetan Buddhist statues to Indonesian wood Buddha statues.

All of our Nepali, Tibetan, Cambodian and Indonesian Buddha statues are made by artisans who are scattered throughout the villages in their respective countries.  These artisans have years of experience in hand crafting these Buddha statues and the techniques they now know have been passed on from generation to generation.

We travel to each of these countries and selectively hand pick only the finest Buddhist statues these artisans create.

Dharma Sculpture is proud to be the only company traveling to Cambodia to bring you the finest, hand carved Cambodian Khmer Buddhas available. We personally hand select each Buddha or Buddha panel from the family of artisans who make them.  Dharma sculpture is the only store to offer this style of Cambodian Buddha statues and Buddha panels.  Please view our new arrivals as we are adding new pieces daily!

Dharma Sculpture is pleased to offer you the finest Buddhist art available from these countries!

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