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Click to enlarge(SOLD) Hand Carved Ebony Buddha Statue in Dharmachakra Mudra

Materials: Ebony Wood, Diospyros Celebica, Hand Carved in Bali
Height: 14 inches  Width: 9 inches  Depth: 6 inches
Weight:  8 lbs.

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"The deep color of the ebony wood is breathtaking!"
Brenda, Dharma Sculpture

A very dense wood, heavier than water, ebony is a wood that can be highly polished. It is imported from Sulawesi (Celebes) and Kalimantan (Borneo). Only wood from very old trees or the heartwood is black or very dark. Usually it is black with reddish to brown stripes that run parallel to the grain. Sometimes the sapwood is actually white. It is always carved when wet (before it dries out) in order to be malleable for the chisel. Its hardness and straight grain make it ideal for the carver.

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the artists of Bali, Indonesia.

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